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Solar Street Lighting

Smart Power introduces every solar streetlight with a self‐contained solar power assembly that is sized to run the fixture per the needs of the customer. Each power assembly is sized by the lamp power consumption times the number of hours of operation and how much sun is provided in each geographic area to provide adequate autonomy.

Grid-Tied Systems

Grid-Tied Systems

Grid-tied systems generate electricity for your home or business to decrease your consumption from the grid, and to only be billed for the “net” energy use based on the Net-Metering scheme.

Smart Power introduces reliable, efficient, and accurate designed on-grid systems taking into consideration all factors affecting system performance to assure the maximum Energy Yield of the system.

Off-Grid Systems

Smart Power products offer excellent performance for Off-Grid systems by harvesting the most possible energy from solar panels and by charging and discharging batteries in most efficient way that will extend the battery life significantly.
We carefully compare the load’s daily and seasonal energy usage with the daily and seasonal availability of the sun thus preventing energy production shortages.

Smart Power choose as the design target, the time of year when energy consumption is expected to be highest and the solar resource at its lowest, usually during the depths of winter.




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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call us at 02 262 179 50-51 or send an email to

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For any inquiries, questions or commendations,
please call us at 02 262 179 50-51 or send an email to

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